Rental: Canyoning equipment

Rental: Canyoning equipment
  • Duration : 1 Days
  • Location: Cresciano, Ticino
From CHF CHF50.00

"Professional gear for a good price"

Our canyoning equipment is available for hire per day  per piece

  • 5-10/Adidas Canyoning shoes
  • Seland/Artistic Neoprene socks
  • Seland/Artistic 2-pieces neoprene wetsuit
  • Petzl/Camp helmet
  • Seland/Petzl harness with Petzl security lines and Mammut/Petzl karabiners
  • Petzl Huit (abseil device) and Mammut/Petzl karabiner
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Before the tour there will be a compulsory briefing on the right use of the equipment. 
More information:

* Prices are calculated per day rental
* Canyoning should never be attempted without a buddy or without the proper knowledge!
* Adreventura can't be held responsible for the abuse or use of the rented equipment
* Rental equipment should be returned before 18:00 of the rental day

Enjoy your time and thank you for choosing Adreventura!